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The Ghost of Manchester: Chapter Six

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Word count for Chapter Three: 3,700+
Word count so far: 21,500+
Thanks to the great susako for the beta and Brit-Pick of this chapter!

Chapter Six

Molly couldn’t imagine what his plan would have been if she hadn’t tagged along. If his theory was true (as all his theories were) then a basic fact couldn’t be ignored: the man with his face couldn’t be allowed to see Sherlock’s. He couldn’t come to know that he had lived. Whatever Sherlock had in mind when he’d left the car, she was sure, would have served dual purposes: save the girl and incapacitate the double. Why then did she go? That was a question that generally followed him. Why partner with anyone at all? For a man who could think through most things, why bother with a companion?
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The Ghost of Manchester: Chapter Five

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Word count for Chapter Three: 3,500+
Word count so far: 17,700+

Chapter Five

I didn’t expect her to be quiet most of the way. The drive from the station to the hospital wasn’t a long one, perhaps seven or eight minutes, but it gave Sgt. Donovan enough time to skim through the file and have the idea that Sherlock was still alive laid out before her. I suppose I anticipated more emotion either as shock or disbelief, perhaps a combination of both. She reached the end of the file, closed it, and then turned to look out the window. I was seated between her and Greg in the backseat. Nev drove and the young sergeant from his office, Lewis, was to his left.Read more...Collapse )

The Ghost of Manchester: Chapter Four

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Word count for Chapter Three: 3,700+
Word count so far: 14,200+

Chapter Four

His new home was a cell. He felt caged beyond all sense of comfort. It agitated his senses to be so still and unmoving. The bed sheet they’d draped over the windows in lieu of curtains (they couldn’t find them) was pushed just slightly to the side with one long finger. They’d found two bugs in each phone connection; the usual places. The space was now barren of listening ears and of much else. Somewhere out there, in the city night, a man wearing his flesh was on a mission.
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The Ghost of Manchester: Chapter Three

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Word count for Chapter Three: 3,500+
Word count so far: 10,400+

Chapter Three

In general, a person places a great deal of trust in another who has once saved their life. They feel, rightly or wrongly, that a debt is owed to the savior of their future. It was to be expected then that if someone has occasion to bump into the holder of that debt the implicitness of that trust would be clear.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said, the initial shock on her young face quickly passing to a warm relief. Lowering her voice she said, “I never thought I’d see you again.”

He nodded just slightly, tucking the hat onto his head and turning away from her. She would of course follow. It would only be natural . . .
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The Ghost of Manchester: Chapter Two

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Word count for Chapter Two: 3,600+
Word count so far: 6,900+

Chapter Two

It was a smallish house among a row of nearly identical smallish houses. The neighborhood was close enough to the downtown area, where they’d been previous renters, to be fashionable, but far enough away to be qualified as decent. Two floors, one and a half bath, two bedrooms and now, two occupants.

Molly jumped out of her car onto the driveway concrete and into the brisk, late September air. She dangled the new house keys. “It’s perfect!” She exclaimed. Her passenger, however, lingered inside for a moment before finally emerging. He looked the house up and down and then he glanced up and down the street. The wind blew back his dark, curly hair and caught the hem of his long black coat.

“As you’ve said,” he replied and then added, “several times.”
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The Ghost of Manchester: Chapter One

The Ghost of Manchester
Post "The Reichenbach Fall"
Gen, no pairing.
Word count for Chapter One: 3,200+

Chapter One

My sister is a six-foot tall Amazon of a woman. On her better days she would refrain from causing too much damage to some sod’s ego when he tried a pick-up on her. Harriet Jane Watson is three years older than me and a few pounds heavier in sheer muscle. A veteran of Granby, she was my inspiration for joining the army. She was also my inspiration on what not to do when one returned home from combat. I’d watched her descend into a hole she never really could recover from but she was at least functional during the morning hours, for the most part.

It was with her that I reluctantly stayed after . . . after I left Baker Street.
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Chapter 3:
Flowers in Bloom

There were only a handful of steps between the TARDIS’ front doors and the door leading to the house but when your husband’s stride was more than twice your own, a handful of steps quickly becomes a long walk in thick mud. Rory rushed up to Amelia and scooped her up from behind. He was so determined to keep her out of harm’s way that he was ready to pitch a quick reverse and deliver her right back to the control room. As much as it disturbed him to even contemplate it, he was sure River had a pair of handcuffs somewhere on board.

“Ger off of me!” Amelia shouted, kicking wildly, her stockinged feet thumping against Rory and then against the steel door in a mad fury.

“Ow!” Rory hissed. “Stop biting!”
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Chapter 2:
The Impossible Situation

“That’s . . . that’s impossible,” the Doctor muttered words he never expected would consciously pass his lips.

He felt River sidle up next to him, her towel-clad body brushing against his, her wet hair smelling of lavender. “Now that statement is only fact in fiction,” she said, peering over his shoulder to the section of the console he was working at. “You taught me that.” He quickly shifted his body around, chest to chest, to block her line of sight. She grinned and teased, “And when have we ever kept secrets, my darling?”

He touched the tip of her nose, “We’re built on them.”

“Quick sand,” she whispered, passing him by. Read more...Collapse )

The Passing Youth of Miss Amelia Pond

The Doctor, Rory, River, Amelia/Amy
Rating: PGish
Spoilers: Up to current episodes
Summary: Amy wakes up changed and her life on the TARDIS is altered

Chapter 1:

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong here, ain’t nothin’ goin’ on here. Don’t need no help I didn’t ask for,” the old woman said. To say she was agitated would be what is called, a gross understatement. It wasn’t likely that her body language could convey even more strongly that she wanted the two men to leave her doorstep as soon as physically possible. She glared at the blank identification and looked up between the Doctor and Rory. “Especially no unsolicited medical help, mind you.”

The woman, standing half guarded by her heavy steel door set into metal core brick walls, squinted at the psychic paper once more and then to the Doctor. “Rubbish is what that is. Can’t make out the name. Doctor who, exactly?”

He snapped away the wallet and painted a bright grin on his face. “Just, ‘the Doctor,’” he replied. Oddly enough, the old girl was seeing through the perception filter but instead of seeing blank paper, she was looking through to the truth. Fascinating.

“Well, ain’t we posh. He thinks he’s Bono, is what.”
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